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Przydatne Informacje
W tym miejscu proszę wpisywać jakiego typu informacje byłyby przydatne na Stronie Gravis. Wszelkie sugestie bardzo mile widziane.
25/09/2016 15:46:57
Hey, that's powerful. Thanks for the news.
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25/09/2016 15:33:33
Hola!! Ya he enviado el formulario. He compartido el sorteo en mi facebook personal (Sara Villalba). Enhorabuena por el funcionamiento de la tienda. Teneis unos productos ideales!!Un saludoSara (
25/09/2016 15:32:21
sir pls could you provide me with the code of avr microcontrollers used for rotating the rod (via dc motors) in one direction for 30 seconds and then again rotating it in opposite direction for 30 secondsthank you
25/09/2016 15:24:24
Deep thinking - adds a new dimension to it all.
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25/09/2016 15:13:47
People normally pay me for this and you are giving it away!
25/09/2016 15:07:05
I think the line has to be very definitely drawn in picture books for the young reader. That doesn't mean you can't touch on subjects like divorce or death but they just have to be exceptionally sensitively handled. Does torture or rape belong in a picture book... after all it happens in real life... definitely not. I think as writers we learn to draw the line instinctively when we are in tune with the person we ourselves were at the age the book/reader is directed at. Put yourself into the head of the reader and remember what you needed or wanted to know at that same age.
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25/09/2016 14:54:48
Lot of smarts in that posting!
25/09/2016 14:41:51
Colleen – in winter I find the tube almost pleasant, it warms you up when it’s so cold outside. Summer on the other hand… too awful.Hen – wow, that is good! And I’m jealous you’re going to the gym again! It’s been 6+ months since my membership lapsed. I do pilates 1x a week but it’s not the same. And it shows!!!!!!!!!!
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25/09/2016 14:32:38
A piece of erudition unlike any other!
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25/09/2016 14:30:03
Hats off to Grant for that wonderful illustration. I laughed so hard I started coughing. Ironically, I look like the black ranger most of the time. Black leathers, black boots, black gloves… you get the picture. I do rock a clear shield and screen though; I kinda like to see where I’m going when I’m not too busy looking like a badass.
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